“You Now Have Premier Access To My Never Before Revealed Secret Blueprint To Reading & Controlling Minds For Rapid Subliminal Compliance”







From The Desk of Paul Mascetta, NY

Dear Friend,

I sent out a survey recently asking which area of influence people felt they needed the most help with.

Here’s a snapshot of the results.

To be honest, these results didn’t surprise me.

I have a pretty good idea about what people who follow me want to learn. But it never hurts to be sure so I did the survey anyway.

Now as you can see the 2 number one answers were Conversational Hypnosis and Mind Control.

So being the good chap that I am I immediately sat down with my team and started devising an evil scheme.

Well actually it wasn’t an evil scheme at all. I just wanted to say that.

In reality, I decided to develop a mind control study course to start using with my private clients who pay $997 per month.

Over the past few months, we’ve had extensive training using the three phase formula I came up with.

And much of the training was done through group teleseminars.

After seeing the success of this formula I decided to condense it down to 3.5 hours of the most valuable and effective audio material from the telesemiars and offer at a truly affordable price as a way of saying “Thank you” for taking this survey.

So here it is.

Introducing The Mind Domination Series

This program consists of 5 audio modules (approx 3.5 hours total), a full transcript and a mind map

Here’s some of the stuff I’ll cover:




  • Master a true mechanical understanding of the human mind so you can clearly understand how to direct it

  • Learn how the unconscious mind responds to the triggers that daily make people do what you want them to

  • Discover the key to by passing the critical factor of the human mind so you can rapid access to the subconscious


  • Discover 12 fatal errors that 99% of people make when trying to influence the minds of others and how to avoid them

  • Learn why one error is simply unavoidable but how it can be leveraged to minimize failure

  • Find out about an error that you’re likely making right now without even realizing it that shattering your chances of influencing someone before you utter one single word

  • Learn my personal 3 step strategy for seed planting and how you can gain advocates and separate yourself from everyone else so your message always stands out


  • Learn the secret to accurate mind reading so you always know exactly what your subject is really thinking

  • Discover the secret to easily pinning out a liar

  • Learn how to peak inside the mind of your subject by what they do with their hands and eyes

  • Learn how to tell if someone smile is truly genuine

  • Learn the three types of gazes and when each one should be used to subliminally influence your subject


  • Discover the secret planes of the body and how gesturing from one single area can completely change the way your message resonates in the mind of your subject

  • Learn about a little known technique that helps you can more clarity and positive force when you speak so you always appear confident and in control

  • Learn how to leverage the right and left sides of the brain of your subject so you can make your offer see more appealing while making your competition look weak without saying anything bad about them


  • Discover a proven formula for telling captivating stories that grab attention and create instant “like-ability” in your character

  • Discover some dead simple but extremely potent hypnotic language patterns that warp your subject’s mind to pure compliance

  • Learn the truth about tonality and how to can use it to disarm and change moods in people instantly

  • Discover the Advanced Triggers of Mind Control and how you can use any one of these 17 mind hacks to gain compliance, make more sales and get more people to say “yes” faster

This Information Is Exclusive To YOU

In other words…

I will not be offering this information to people who have not taken this survey

I will not be offering it to friends who have subscriber lists of their own either.


Two reasons:

1.) It’s my way of saying “thank you” for being my subscriber

2.) It keeps the information ultra exclusive because some people have paid thousands of dollars to access much of this material

Now Here’s The Deal

Until this point the only people who had access to these calls were the one’s who paid $997 to be part of the Mind Control Master Class.

Now granted, they also got 4 calls per month with me where they can ask me anything they want and we build a strategy specific to their needs.

This is a little different.

Here you’re getting all the same information but you apply it on your own.

And because you apply it on your own, you won’t pay anywhere near $997 let alone $997 per month.

I know for a fact that I could easily sell this course for $297.

How do I know that?

Because I tested it once before and it worked. In fact, it worked like CRAZY.

So after this offer that’s what I’m going to do with it.

But today I’m looking to say “thank you” for being my subscriber and listening to what I have to say.

So rather than paying $297, you can grab this series today for a very special price.

I also learned from the survey that some people like reading while others prefer audio more so I decided to customize this a little.

The options are listed below.

Free Bonus – “Director’s Cut” Screencast

In this exclusive screencast (approx 1 hour) I take you through the entire sales copy which I wrote for my best selling program The Code of Influence and point out all of the triggers that I used to get over 10,000 people to buy this program.

And yes, you can steal the entire blueprint from me to use in your own sales & marketing campaigns!



Our 1 YEAR (365 day) 100% Money Back Guarantee

Go ahead and grab the mind domination series which includes all 5 audios, the complete transcript and the bonus “Director’s Cut” screencast that you can downright copy word for word if you like. Download it to you Mac or PC and take the next year to rip it apart. If you feel you can’t use it or that it was a waste of your time in anyway, simply shoot me an email at paul@influentialmind.com and I’ll give you a full refund. As in every red cent. No questions asked.



  • Please Give Me Immediate Access To The Digital Book, The Mind Map & The Bonus.

($297 $17 today)

 Add To Cart – $17


  • Please Give Me Immediate Access To The Audios, The Mind Map & The Bonus.

($297 $47 today)

 Add To Cart – $47


  • Please Give Me Immediate Access To The  Complete Package Which Includes The Digital Book, Audios, The Mind Map & The Bonus.

($297 $47 today)

Add To Cart – $47

There’s really nothing else to think about.

If this is something you think can help you just as it did for everyone in my Mind Control Master Class then ORDER NOW AND SAVE!

Talk soon,


PS – Remember, after this I’m putting this on the market for $297. Grab it now while you can.